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CTC-2126329K - Seal Kit for CAT Excavator (302.5)

CTC-2126329K - Seal Kit for CAT Excavator (302.5)

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Cylinder Seal Kit for Catipillar Excavators
Fits COUPLER for: 320F L, 325F L, 330F L, 330F LN, 335F L, 335F LCR, 315F LCR

COUPLER 320F L CYL: 3909505
COUPLER 325F L CYL: 3909505
COUPLER 330F L CYL: 3897213
COUPLER 330F LN CYL: 3897213
COUPLER 335F L CYL: 3897213
COUPLER 335F LCR CYL: 3897213
COUPLER 315F LCR CYL: 3954045, 5697997

Code: Chk Vlv Kit

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