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CTC-2281778 - Cylinder Seal Kit for Caterpillar Backhoe Loader

CTC-2281778 - Cylinder Seal Kit for Caterpillar Backhoe Loader

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Cylinder Seal Kit for Caterpillar Backhoe Loader

Fits Loader Lift for 416C, 436C, 438C

Fits Loader Tilt for 436B, 436C, 438B, 438C

Fits Backhoe Boom for 436B


Loader Lift

416C CYL#: 1235087

  • SN#: 1KR1-UP; 1WR1-UP

436C CYL#: 1108688, 1110888, 1216764, 1235087, 1235089

  • 1FR1-1421; 1PR1-1815; 1RR1-UP; 2AR1-1874; 2BR1-UP; 8TN1-1315; 9JN1-UP

438C CYL#: 1110888, 1235089

  • SN#: 1TR1-UP; 2DR1-UP


Loader Tilt

436B CYL#: 1071855, 1074346, 6E0113, 9T5371

  • SN#: 5KF1-UP; 6MJ1-UP; 7FL1-UP

436C CYL#: 1071855, 1074346, 1836100, 6E0113

  • SN#: 1FR1-UP; 8TN1-UP; 9JN1-UP

438B CYL#: 1071855, 6E0113, 9T5371

  • SN#: 3DJ1-UP; 3KK1-UP

438C CYL#: 1071855, 1074346, 1836100, 6E0113

  • SN#: 1JR1-UP; 9KN1-UP


Backhoe Boom

436B CYL#: 6E1670, 9T5222

  • SN#: 5KF1-UP


    Code: P-UB-10

    Rod: 2

    Bore: 3-1/2

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