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CTC-2159984 - Seal Kit for CAT Excavator (318C)

CTC-2159984 - Seal Kit for CAT Excavator (318C)

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Cylinder Seal Kit for Catipillar Excavators
Fits STICK,BOOM,BUCKET for: 320C, 320C L, 320C LN, 320C LRR, 320C S, 322C, 322C L, 322C LN, 325C, 325C L, 325C LN, 325D L, 325D LN, 330C L, 365C L, 385B, 385B L, 385C, 385C L

STICK 320C CYL: 1589059, 1589060,
STICK 320C CYL: 1589059
STICK 320C L CYL: 1589059, 1589060
STICK 320C LN CYL: 1589060
STICK 320C LRR CYL: 1589059
STICK 320C S CYL: 1589060
STICK 320C S CYL: 1589059
STICK 322C CYL: 1772443
STICK 322C L CYL: 1772443
STICK 322C LN CYL: 1772443
BOOM 325C CYL: 1799782
BUCKET 325C CYL: 2201532
BOOM 325C L CYL: 1799782
BUCKET 325C L CYL: 2201532
BOOM 325C LN CYL: 1799782
BOOM 325D L CYL: 2254572
BUCKET 325D L CYL: 2201532
BOOM 325D LN CYL: 2254572
STICK 330C L CYL: 2228776
BUCKET 365C L CYL: 2201532
BUCKET 385B CYL: 2201532
BUCKET 385B L CYL: 2201532
BUCKET 385C CYL: 2201532
BUCKET 385C L CYL: 2201532

Code: P-UB-10
Rod: 100 mm
Bore: 140 mm

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